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Body Vs Hands

Most players are taught that the body is the engine, the motor of the swing and this is one of the primary reasons most then consider it to feel unnatural.

If we think of golf logically we can start to understand more. A golf club consists of 3 parts, the club head, the shaft and the grip. On the grip is where we place our hands and is our only connection with the club, therefore we should use our hands to move the club as we do in all racquet sports.

If we study the golf swing we ?nd that the club head, hands, shoulders and hips all move different distances in both the backswing and the downswing in order to reach impact at the same time. As the hips move the least distance can they possibly be the main principal of the golf swing? Of course not. The logical conclusion is that we have to move the club head and to do that we have to use our hands!

Follow Through

And here we have the biggest myth of all!

There are 3 parts to a golf swing

1/ the back swing - the action

2/ the downswing - the reaction

3/ the follow through - relaxation

Of these 3 parts the golfer is led to believe that the follow through is the most important part and that it is an action!

Scientific research has proven that when a golfer hits a ball with a driver that the club face and the ball are in 'contact' at impact for two thousandths of a second. It then takes ten one thousandths of a second for the feeling of impact to travel through the club head up the shaft, through the hands and up the arms to the brain. The return message from the brain back to the hands travels at a fith of a second. In that relatively short time the ball has already moved 50 feet!

Anyone that can then affect the trajectory, direction or distance of the ball by what they do with their follow through deserves their own show in Vegas!

Natural Vs Unnatural

It is said that golf is the hardest sport in the world that it's based on an unnatural movement and consequently differs from all others.

Of course all sports are different from each other. You would never use a hockey movement to play tennis or a football movement to play rugby or visa versa.

I can assure you that golf IS a natural game and that it's the way the majority are taught which makes it feel unnatural. My "FeelGolf" method has ensured that thousands of golfers at every level now play the game pain free and naturally.

One Piece Take Away Vs Like Kicking

The one-piece take away is another well-crafted and highly perpetuated theory in golf instruction. However apply this technique to that of a footballer and it's inadequacies soon highlight themselves.

To kick the ball take your leg away from the ball with your hip (of course if your right footed you would do this with you left foot), load up your knee; bring your knee down into the kicking area and the kick the ball. You would miss!!!

What we do in kicking is move our foot back bending the knee. If we want to kick further we move our leg further back then move our foot back to kick the ball. The golf swing is exactly the same as we use leverage to create the power. Would you consider playing golf with your arms in a cast?

Right Vs Left

Golf is a left handed sport for right handed people a popular myth which is as incredulous as it is ridiculous.

If I as a right-handed person was told by a Tennis Pro to apply this golfing falsehood to tennis, to take the racquet in my left hand, throw the ball with my right and then smash it over the net I'd consider him crazy. A poor, unnatural swing would be the result just as it is in golf. But he's the Pro right so I'd probably accept his ways just like many do in golf.

Right or left handed, it's very difficult to contend well or naturally with our other (weaker) hand. So why are we consistently told that we should use our weaker hand to motivate the movement in our golf swings? Why make it more difficult and unnatural?


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